Monday, July 23, 2007

How Nerdy Are You?

Go to How Nerdy are You? Here is mine, my score was 2? Is that really cool or do I need to get back to study math and science (Oh WAIT, I hate those subjects) 98% scored higher (more nerdy),0% scored the same, and 2% scored lower (less nerdy). What does this mean? Your nerdiness is: Definitely not nerdy, you are probably cool.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Have a Happy 4th of July everyone, heading out for the weekend and I will see you all, or talk is more appropriate, Monday

Water Scare

Okay Ladies and Gents I am sharing this as a REMINDER to everyone about the seriousness of children in the bathtub!! Yesterday I was giving my children a bath, actually my husband was giving them a bath, we have a huge tub for the kids (well it was suppose to be for me, but the kids have taken over it) and a see through glass shower next to it. My husband called me in and said he wanted to take a shower so if I could help keep an eye on the boys. I was adjusting the rug next to the tub when I hear my husband say, "get him" Not "GET HIM" or any sound of "YOUR BABY IS DROWNING" just a simple, "get him" which I did not hear the first time, but thank goodness the second time where I looked up and grabbed my baby (15 month old) who had slipped and was under water. Now mind you it was ONLY 2 seconds which this whole thing transpired, but 2 seconds is TO LONG in my book. I first was a little mad at my hubby for saying "get him" in such a calm voice, but after he explained that in the shower he doesn't have contact or glasses, so he saw the baby go down, but he didn't think his head was under because he couldn't see to clearly. Hmmm, still not happy, but at least understandable! So after of course hugging my baby and holding him I realized how scary that was. I have SO many friends who also have 4 year olds and 1 year olds and they always leave them alone in the bathtub because they figure the older kid will watch out for them. In the seconds I pulled up my baby I saw the look of shock on my 4 year olds face, he was in pure shock of the situation and would of been no help if I wasn't in the room. You hear so many stories of babies drowning and I have to admit I am a worry mom and water is one of my biggest fears for my babies. So everyone hold and give your little one a kiss from me and most important, don't leave them alone around water

IRS Audit Saga Continues . . .

Drum Roll Please ..... As my last post on this issue tells you we have 90 days to get all of our "Proof" to the IRS and re-claim our mileage for '04 and '05. I am a Procrastinator, I will announce that to the world, but even if I procrastinate I at least get it done. The IRS agent when we submitted our '03 told us it just needed to be postmarked by the due date for us to be okay. We meet with our tax guy on the 24th of April and turned in everything to him, he tells his secretary to make copies which we watch her do and he prints up the new tax information all while we wait in his office. (That shows you my trusting nature) He then explains he will send the envelope certified so we can verify the IRS received it and shoo's us on our way. We have till the 30th to have this envelope postmarked. On the 27th I find some more information that needs to be forwarded on so my husband does that for me. Then everyone can take a BIG breath and relax, now I figure I have months to wait before we hear from them again. My mistake, on the 3rd of May we receive a huge envelope from the IRS with all of our stuff in it and a letter stating that, they received our stuff too late and therefore we no longer have the right for an audit and basically gave us a big FAT F. With some more Blah, Blahs explaining that our last option is if we can claim the gave us erroneous information and to expect another letter explaining further. You think things are bad now right, keep on reading. My husband calls the office where the letter came in, the lady isn't in, but the secretary says she can help us. We explain what we received and she tells us to Not worry, it isn't what it seems and she'll have the agent call us, but there is nothing to worry about. Hmmm I think that is a little strange since how are they going to audit us with our stuff?? Being the fine upstanding citizens we are that have not been screwed by a government agency yet, we take the advise, I don't worry and we quit pestering them, just like they asked. Until June arrives with two more letters (four actually because we each get our own) These letters inform us that by July 2nd we owe $6,000.00 in change if we don't pay by July 2nd then more fees/interest/default etc.. will be accrued on our balance. If you remember in the past post, we initially only owed 4,000.00 and change, so they refuse to look at our stuff, they refuse to tell us what the problem is and why they are auditing us and now they just decide to raise it another 2k for kicks and giggles? You think that is bad, they then proceed to tell us in unoffending Irs language that we lied about our kid being alive in '04 and '05, no problem with him being born in '02 or alive in '03, but apparently he disappeared in the IRS radar for '04 and '05. Because of this finding that not only explains the extra 2k they also found out we are lying, scheming parents who really are not parents we can no longer claim this re-appearing, disappearing child or any other child that they believe do not, will not exist. WHERE DO THEY COME UP WITH THIS STUFF? Is there someone in the IRS building that just sits in a corner laughing to himself as he changes peoples lives to his own desire? Would they like to come live with me for a month to prove that my son really exists he has really been with us his whole life and we really do spend a couple dollars here and there on him, which would give us right to claim him in the past and future. We of course go back to our tax agent with all this new information, he says the he believes the IRS did give us erroneous information and therefore we have a right to file a claim. All we want is for them to give us a fair audit, where we can prove that no, we don't lie on our taxes and yes, we really had a kid during the year '04 and '05.

Not a Blogger!

Apparently some of my readers don't enjoy the fact that I don't regulary update on this site. My extreme apologies. I have been very busy right now with clients and have not found the time to blog anything. Okay, Okay that really is just an excuse, the real reason is I have become addicted to a website called mayasmom, which is a parenting website. So instead of spending my time with all of you great boys and girls I have been there, gossiping and laughing about all the moms out there and their kids. I will try to be more diligent here as I know I left many of you hanging with my last "audit" story and plan to continue that today!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Life as a Mom, working that is:)

This was my lunch yesterday, doesn't it look good? I was so excited when I put the boys down for bed and was getting all geared up to eat this, Well at 4:30 when I was rushing out of the house after the boys woke up, I noticed it still sitting in the microwave waiting for me :(
And... Drum Roll please .... This is how my morning is going.... My Little Smurf:)
And yes, I know how to take a better picture than this, keeping the privacy of my boy, and for all those watchful Moms out there, yes I know his stance his dangerous, I fight him with it 3 times a day since he first learned how to stand, move, crawl etc.. Yes we usually tie him down to keep him in the highchair and yes he is Houdini!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Thought I was a Good Mother

My first baby was born and I thought I was a good mother. I thought I was a good mother when I told my first born bum down on the high chair and he listened. I thought I was a good mother when I told my first born, No, No on opening the cabinets and he listened. I thought I was a good mother when I told him, No, No on eating the cat food and he listened. I thought I was a good mother when the first born was squirming during a diaper change and I told him legs straight, and he listened. I thought I was a good mother when I told my first born don't go past the grass and he listened. I thought I was a good mother because my first born started to walk and I didn't have to re arrange my house, he listened. I thought I was a good mother when I informed my first born to not go on the tile that was too close to the fireplace and he listened. I thought I was a good mother, but then the second one was born...